Video Panels / Video Walls in Pittsburgh, PA

Video Panels / Video WallsFor the past four years, Star Design has been using video panels for a number of applications. From small applications, such as information walls and meeting presentations, to concerts and sporting events, Star Design has led the way in the Pittsburgh region. You may have seen our video walls on some of our events at the Console Energy Center, Meadows Casino Concert Series, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, and even Ford Field in Detroit for the annual Thanksgiving Day Half Time Show.

We are proud to offer both 6mm and 3.9mm panels for your production applications. If you are looking for a custom panel design to make your corporate presentation or live entertainment concert stand out above the rest, we can help you achieve your vision.

With the use of our multiple processors and AI Infinity media servers, along with the ability to floor mount our 6mm and 3.9mm panels, Star Design can produce a multi surface presentation that your clients or fans will not soon forget. The popularity of video panels has just recently become more of a staple in corporate presentations and concert productions in our region.

Star Design is now in its fifth year working with this technology. We know what it takes to produce a quality event. As Star Design has been in the lighting production business for almost 30 years, you may want to consider letting us show you how we can integrate our lighting offerings into your next project.

Lighting and video have been working hand in hand on large scale concerts for quite some time, and it is now starting to take its place in the corporate arena and in the regional touring market.

Have you been considering using a video wall on your next event? Give us a call and let us show you what we can do for you.