About Star Design Event Services

Message from Our President:
In this fast pace world of internet technology and social media an individual’s business concept along with a small amount of venture capital can launch a very established and professional looking company virtually overnight. With that being said, I am proud to say that Star Design is a brick and mortar company that has been built one piece at a time since 1990.

I consider Star Design to be a relatively self-contained company in the fact that we own and maintain the majority of the equipment that we use so that we have confidence in its functionality, we own our own fleet of trucks so that we can streamline transportation concerns and we keep a staff of full time and part time employees so that we can staff events with technicians that are skilled in the Star Design way of operations to assure a good value to our clients.

My philosophy for Star Design Event Services is very simple: Treat every event as if it is the most important event that you will ever do.

Our Daily Routine

As our bar graph on the right implies, Star Design is a diversified production company. The staff at Star Design takes great pride in having the ability to work in many scenarios of events. From weddings and corporate events that require great finesse and attention to detail, to national entertainment events that demand the latest in technology with competent staff to deliver under stringent time lines and venue restraints, Star Design has the right staff and equipment to yield the best solution to your production needs.

As for the coffee……..you try doing what we do without it!